Myaamia Activities

Childhood Home Life

How To Do It

  • Review and select the most interesting discussion prompts.
  • Take turns sharing stories and experiences that relate to the discussion prompt.
  • Ask each other follow-up questions to learn more details about the stories.
  • Feel free to share other stories that come to mind.

Discussion Prompts

  1. Where did you grow up? What were your days like there? How did you spend your time?
  2. Have you been involved in the Myaamia community since you were a child?
  3. Describe your childhood home. How big was your family living in it?
  4. Where was your favorite spot to be in your home? Why?
  5. Do you have siblings? Who did you relate to best in your family?
  6. What have your family members taught you about being Myaamia?
  7. If you have children, what have they taught you about being Myaamia?
  8. How often did you see your relatives?
  9. What gift did you always want, but never get as a child?
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