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We will then match you with someone from a different generation who is available on the same day and time, say Tuesday afternoons. You and your match will receive an email from with a link to connect. This link is unique to you and your match.

By registering, you agree for us to share your information with your match to coordinate your meetup activities.

Set a Meeting Time

You and your match now have each other’s emails to decide on the specific time to connect, say 2 pm on Tuesday, February 7.

Complete Orientation Training

Before the first meeting, please go through a brief orientation video (16 minutes).

Log Into Your Video Meetup

At the appointed day and time, both of you will click on the link sent to you in the email from Please allow up to 10 minutes for the other party to show up on the screen. This link is unique to you and your match. In subsequent weeks, you will use the same link found in that first email from You may want to print or save this link for easy access every week.

If you cannot find this meetup link, please contact 24 hours before your meeting time to get the link resent to you. You may also contact your match for the link.

Check-In and Create Together!

Start by checking in. Then join your video meeting. Greet each other and discuss which activities you would like to do together. There are six different categories of activities and each one has multiple prompts to choose from. 

Plan the Next Meeting and Check Out

Plan your next meeting before ending the call. We recommend the same day and time each week. Then check out and complete the feedback form.


The use of an interactive online platform (such as ScrippsAVID) carries with it certain inherent risks (e.g., loss of personally identifiable information). While efforts can be made to reduce these inherent risks, such risks cannot be eliminated.  In consideration of being permitted to use the ScrippsAVID platform, by clicking below and actually using the ScrippsAVID platform, I knowingly and voluntarily assume all risks associated with my use of the ScrippsAVID platform, and I hereby release and hold harmless Miami University from any and all responsibility or liability for losses I sustain during or because of my use of the ScrippsAVID platform, including allegations or claims of negligence on the part of Miami University.

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