Arts-based, Virtual, Intergenerational, Dementia-friendly
Connecting generations through art.

Although designed to meet the accessibility needs of people living with dementia, ScrippsAVID connects ALL people across generations to share art, music, poetry, and stories. Everyone is welcome to come together to have fun, be creative, and build intergenerational friendships.

Live a healthier and happier life!

Live a healthier and happier life by being socially connected because we know that loneliness kills (The Harvard Study of Adult Development). Find joy by making friends with someone outside your generation. Join us in building a society that values people of all ages, including those living with dementia.

Get Started

Anyone can get started with ScrippsAVID in just a few steps.

  1. Create an account on our Get Started page
  2. ScrippsAVID staff will match you with someone from a different generation who is available at the same time
  3. Complete a 16-minute orientation training
  4. Use a video chat on our website to meet your matched partner
  5. Discuss what activities you want to do together and create!
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