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Magic Water

A 3D collage made with magazine clippings shows a man wading in shallow water dumping a bucket of water sideways into the air. On the right side of the page, the water from the bucket transforms into a colorful tornado with leaves, bees, butterflies, kites, crayons, books, and other items swirling in it. Below the man, in the water, lies a woman wearing green and a blank, but serious facial expression and a speech bubble in which she says “.....”. On the other side of the page below the rainbow tornado is the head of another woman facing the viewer and wearing yellow with a serious facial expression and a speech bubble that says “.....”. On the right is the profile of a woman wearing a pink blouse and gold, circular glasses and facing the man with a blank expression.
Collage by Elizabeth Lokon

How To Do It

  • Together, use your imaginations to create an original story based on this picture. 
  • Write down your ideas in response to the questions below.
  • Give the story a title and read aloud with emotions the story you just created. 
  • The last question asks you to connect the picture to your own stories.


  1. What do you think is happening here? What do you think the man is doing?
  2. What do you think the liquid is that has been transformed into a multicolored substance?
  3. Who do you think the women are? What might they be thinking/saying?
  4. What names shall we give them?
  5. What sounds could be heard there? What could you smell in the air?
  6. What do you think might happen next?
  7. Share your thoughts about the environment and climate change.
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