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A Couple on Vacation

A 3D collage made with magazine clippings shows a man and a woman smiling and holding hands. The man is white and has short, balding, gray hair and is wearing a pair of green, square line patterned swim shorts. The woman is white and has short, white hair and is wearing a black bathing suit with white swirl patterns. They are walking barefoot in the sand along the shore of a lake. Also along the shore of the lake is a snowbank with six penguins looking out at the lake. On the horizon line on the other side of the lake are houses. The sky shows that the sun is setting.
Collage by Elizabeth Lokon

How To Do It

  • Together, use your imaginations to create an original story based on this picture.
  • Write down your ideas in response to the questions below.
  • Give the story a title and read aloud with emotions the story you just created.
  • The last question asks you to connect the picture to your own stories.


  1. What do you think is going on in this picture?
  2. Describe the setting. Where do you think this is? What do you see in the background?
  3. What sounds and smells can be found there?
  4. What shall we call the couple? What do you think the couple is doing there?
  5. Imagine that the couple turns around, and sees the penguins on the snow, what would they say to each other?
  6. What will happen next?
  7. Would you rather vacation in the snow or on the beach? Share a story of your best vacation ever.
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