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A Cheetah, a Squirrel, and the Blue Jewel

A 3D landscape collage made with magazine clippings and various textured objects shows a cheetah facing the viewer, a capybara's head peering from the side at the viewer, and a blue jewel between them. The foreground shows various leaves. The background shows a desert terrain with cacti and mountains in the distance and a Mesoamerican pyramid near the animals. The sky features swirls, clouds, and a bright sun with a twisted piece of plastic mesh connecting the sun to the blue jewel.

How To Do It

  • Together, use your imaginations to create an original story based on this picture.
  • Write down your ideas in response to the questions below.
  • Give the story a title and read aloud with emotions the story you just created.
  • The last question asks you to connect the picture to your own stories.


  1. What do you think is happening here?
  2. Where would you say this is taking place? What sounds and smells could be experienced there?
  3. What might be the significance of the blue jewel and the “swirl” between the jewel and the sun?
  4. If the animals could talk, what do you think they would say to one another?
  5. What do you think might happen next?
  6. Share your favorite stories from your own childhood (for example, favorite fables, zoo trips, etc.).
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