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Angels Talking

A 3D landscape collage made with magazine clippings shows a man with black wings and a woman with red-tipped black wings facing each other with speech bubbles that say “....” and “....”. The man is white with a black mustache, black top hat, long black trench coat, and is holding a cane. He is standing on top of an ornately decorated pillared structure and is peering over a decorative railing. On the ground below him, the white woman is wearing her black hair in an updo, a long black blouse and long black skirt, and is holding a small white purse. In the foreground behind the woman and under the pillared structure are plants and trees with lots of leaves. In the background a desert is between a mountainscape and the winged people. The blue sky is painted with waves of gold rays and white fluffy clouds.
Collage by Elizabeth Lokon

How To Do It

  • Together, use your imaginations to create an original story based on this picture.
  • Write down your ideas in response to the questions below.
  • Give the story a title and read aloud with emotions the story you just created.
  • The last question asks you to connect the picture to your own stories.


  1. What do you think is going on here?
  2. Describe the setting, the sky, the buildings.
  3. Create a dialogue between the two figures.
  4. If you were in the picture, what would you say to the two figures?
  5. What happens next? Where do you think the two figures will fly to next?
  6. If you had wings like them, where would you fly?
  7. Share your favorite travel stories.
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