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Robert Delaunay Inspired Circles

How To Do It

  • Supplies: Paper and any drawing supplies you have (pen, pencils, markers, crayons, paints), various sized circular objects to trace (cups, mugs, lids, bowls).  
  • Draw circles of various sizes all over your paper. Make them overlapping.
  • Give your drawing a title.
  • Select certain circles or parts of a circle to fill in with a color or pattern.
  • Share your work with your partner.


  1. What do you like/dislike about your painting?
  2. Is there any meaning behind the colors and patterns you selected?
  3. Did you give your drawing a title? Why did you give it that title? Elaborate on your thoughts about your title (for example, if the title is “spring time” then discuss what gives you that spring-time feeling in your drawing, how you feel about the spring, and what you love to do in the spring time.)
  4. Would you change your drawing in any way?
  5. If you could add text to the drawing, what would it say?
  6. Look for “Circular Forms” paintings by Robert Delaunay. What do you think of his paintings?
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