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Jim Dine’s Hearts and Yours

How To Do It

  • Supplies: Paper and any art supplies you have.
  • Find images of Jim Dine’s (1935- ) heart paintings on the internet and share these.
  • Use materials available to create your own heart drawing.
  • Title your finished work and share it with your partner.


  1. Elaborate on your thoughts about your title. For example, if the title is “happiness,” then discuss what makes you happy, the happiest day in your life, who makes you happy, and how they make you happy.
  2. If you were to add writing to your drawing, what might you write on your artwork?
  3. Would you send your heart drawing to someone? If yes, who would that be? How might this person react to your artwork?
  4. What lies at the center of your “heart”? Tell each other more about this.
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