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Drawing Your Own Comic Strip

How To Do It

  • Supplies: Paper and any drawing supplies you have (pen, pencils, markers, crayons, paints).
  • Think of an important, funny, embarrassing, or profound moment in your life.
  • Break this event down into 4-5 specific moments.
  • From this breakdown, draw 4-5 boxes like a comic strip.
  • Fill the boxes with drawings and word bubbles representing the event.
  • Share your comic strip.


  1. Why did you select this event? What makes this event special?
  2. Share more details about the event you drew. How old were you when this happened?
  3. What kind of things did you see when this event occurred? Smell? Touch? Taste?
  4. Were there other characters involved in the event?
  5. What effect does this event have on your life? How about for the other characters in the event?
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