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Drawing Your Age

A drawing made with colored markers shows a pink heart with gold lines radiating from it filled with a white number 10. Next to the heart is a white road with gray dashes through it going off into the distance. The words “Sixty-two” are spelled out in gold in a wavy font on the horizon where a cloudy blue sky meets a land made of horizontal brown lines.
Drawing by Elizabeth Lokon

How To Do It

  • Supplies: Paper and any art supplies you have.
  • Divide your paper into two areas of any size or shape.
  • In one area, write down your actual age.
  • In the other area, draw how old you feel in your heart.
  • Fill in each area with symbols that represent the numbers you wrote down.


  1. Why do you feel that you are that age at heart?
  2. What do you remember about being that age (if it is younger than your current age)?
  3. What do you imagine about being that age (if it is older than your current age)?
  4. Tell each other about the different symbols you added to your drawing.
  5. If you could freeze time, what age would you be and why?
  6. What is something that you get better at with age?
  7. Tell a story of a time when you didn’t “act your age.”
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